Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Continuous Landscape Anne Covell April Meeting 2017

This month we made a start on our Chairperson's Challenge, A Continous landscape, led by Anne Covell one of our own members. A few of us had made one before but this new landscape was a different size and using different materials.
Anne had brought with her some of the older ones to show how they fitted together in a line and therefore the measurements needed to be accurate. See Below
 This time the instructions said to use vilene and paint the background.Anne suggested we marked the measurements down the side and then apply water and paint so that there was some flowing of paint to give a softer look.
Because the piece was bigger than we needed we could then choose the piece we liked best and cut to size. 
When dry we chose the piece we were going to stitch into by using a window.

 Anne then suggested various techniques for adding interest to the piece, applying sheers,trees from hessian fibres, couching and embroidering over the top to name just a few.

 Most of us only got as far as stitching or trying out ideas by placing fibres over the top but we all went away quite happy to finish off at home and hopefully when we bring them back they will all fit beautifully together because of our accurate measurements!
A big thank you to Anne for leading us through the instructions, making packs for us and offering us creative ideas to complete the landscape.
If you were not there on Tuesday and would like to make a landscape Anne still has some packs left price £1 if you would like to contact her.
Thank you once again to Anne and we are all looking forward to seeing them placed together. 

One of our members has finished her continuous landscape and it looks a bit lonely on its own so as soon as some more are finished we can try and fit them together!

We now have a few more completed and they are beginning to look wonderful. Keep on sewing!

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