Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Meeting December 2015

Our members arrived at the Christmas Meeting laden down with food for the Jacob's Join, raffle prizes,embroidered Christmas decorations based around Dorset buttons and usual sewing kit!
A few of our members were missing because of ill health but luckily after the horrendous flooding everyones' homes were safe and most roads were now passable.
We had a quick business meeting and then there was a break of about 10 mins to vote for favourite decoration[ a few pictures below], buy raffle tickets and make a hot drink.
raffle prizes

We then all joined in with a game of "sewn consequences" which caused much hilarity and giggling and at one point it was taking so long that we thought we might not have time to eat!!!!!.

Luckily we finished the last fold at12:30 and the picture was passed to the left for the last time and the great reveal which you can see below!
I must point out these are not self portraits!!!!!!

 Our game of consequences had given us good appetites and we enjoyed our Jacob's Join.

At the end of our meal members wished each other a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.
The votes were counted and Sandra won the competition with her tree decoration. The raffle was then drawn and there were a lot of winners of our Christmas raffle.
After a fun meeting members made their way home. 
A big thank you to our members for their generosity.