Thursday, 15 November 2018

Star Light, Star Bright Bev Cavendar November Meeting 2018

Bev brought in a starry Christmas Garland to our November Meeting and explained that we would be making stars which could be made into a garland, tree or table decorations. [See Below]

 Bev explained that we would start by making the large star and we were provided with templates.
The large stars were cut out in our choice of colour and then an inner star was embroidered in place and decorated with embroidery, sequins, beads and small Christmas decorations.

By lunch time most members were well on their way to finishing their first star.

Once the front was decorated the two pieces were joined together leaving a small gap for stuffing and then closed.

By the end of the meeting members had made one star and most has made a second. The stars were then taken home to be turned into tree decorations or a garland. These will then be brought to the Christmas meeting for the competition.
Most members chose to use the traditional Christmas colours of red,  green and white decorating with lots of bling
Thanks Bev for a good fun day and making a pretty decoration to brighten our homes at Christmas.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

North West Region A.G.M 3rd November 2018

This year the Regional A. G. M. was held at Barton Village Hall  and was reasonably well attended. Most Branches were represented.
Sue our chair person led the meeting and went through the business items.
The hall was decorated with joint items from Branches, Summer School work, raffle prizes, items to sell and entries for the Broderer's cup. Last year's afternoon activity the paisley peacock was also on display
Paisley Peacock
Waterlilies after Monet

In the style of black work
After lunch the stitching activity was "holes".
Samples for holes
 There were three basic ideas:
- to place fabric behind a hole and embroider, matching colour and stitch
-to stitch across hole, then weave and then embroider
-to stitch across hole and then wrap threads to make tree trunks, then embroider leaves and undergrowth.

The fabric with holes was provided and members had brought their own threads and stitching kits. A choice of fabric was made and then members began stitching.

After a good afternoon of stitching members took their embroidery home to finish.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Library Exhibition October 2018

I visited the Silver Anniversary exhibition of North Lonsdale Branch of the Embroiderer's Guild in Grange Library this morning and the work looked wonderful.The range was extensive from traditional to free style, quilting to metal work. There is something for everyone.
Two joint pieces of work are the center pieces of the display. The first piece is a collection of embroideries all with silver in them.

The second piece is a grid of Monet's waterlilies with each member making a square.

The other pieces are individual work by members.

It is a lovely exhibition and thanks must go to our chair Joanna and the committee for setting it up and members for supplying the textile pieces.