Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Books/Journals Sandie Mayer February Meeting 2019

This month we were pleased to welcom Sandie Mahyer to lead our February Meeting. Sandie had been to our group before and most of our members knew her already.
Sandie brought with her an array of handmade books, from small to large in size and in content from specific subjects to journals of holidays. The covers were all very attractive and made you want to dip into them. [See below]

Sandie told us that the book we were making was our book so it was therefore up to us what the content would be, the size and the colours.
Sandie demonstrated how we would make the pages. They would be cut and  torn around the edges and then soaked in water. They were painted in Koh-i-Noor dyes on the wet surface causing the dyes to run and make patterns. They were stacked on creased plastic across each other to make interesting lines with more creased plastic on top.
Book pages drying between plastic
While our pages were drying we began to cut out our book covers in pelmet vilene. We then painted and decorated the cover with silk paints. When dry they would be covered in acrylic wax and then could be sewn into or additional shapes/pictures glued on top.

This is about as far as most of us got with our books. So we took all the pages and covers home to dry before we could start filling up the pages. 
As members finish pages I will post them on the blog but it will probably take until the next meeting.
Thank you to Sandie for a fun meeting and inspiring us to want to fill up our books.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Design Stella Schofield Adams January Meeting 2019

Stella arrived ready to inspire and introduce us to the elements of design so our work would become more personal.
We had been asked to bring a few items which we liked and intrigued us to use as our inspiration. The items for inspiration included stones, amethyst, citrine ,shell, wood, a flower and a silk rod.
 Our first task was to choose one of our objects and without looking at the paper draw it in various ways with our non dominant hand. 
This was to encourage us to look closely and carefully in different lights at our chosen object.
After the drawing we were asked to choose fabrics and threads in appropriate colours and "stitch a sketch" of our object or a part of it. [See our efforts below]


We were then  asked to make another design from our "sewn sketch" Our second design was completely different from the object we had started with.

 It was a very enjoyable day and very unlike our usual workshops where we produce a textile item. 
A big thank you must go to Stella for setting us along the road to design and hopefully over the next few months we will be able to observe  better and feel more confident in having a go at designing for ourselves.

Friday, 14 December 2018

Christmas Meeting December 2018

Our meeting on Tuesday started off with the normal business meeting but the hall was decorated with a tree, star garlands and wrapped Christmas presents for Secret Santa. So if anyone needed reminding that it was Christmas there were plenty of clues!

Each member brought a wrapped present for secret Santa, placed it on the table and took a raffle ticket. As the tickets were drawn each member chose a present.

Our Christmas competition was to use our stars from last month to make a Christmas decoration. We then voted for our favourite and the winner was the pretty blue and white garland. A big thank you to all who took part.
For our activity we  learned or practiced a new stitch; the Quaker Stitch. The stitch was relatively easy once we got into the rhythm of it. We then wrote our name or a shortened version of it.

 After the stitching we were ready for our Jacob's Join which looked very inviting. Thank you to all members who had brought food to share. It was very tasty.

Thank you to all members who took part in the meeting and Happy Christmas to everyone and we hope to see you all in the New Year.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Star Light, Star Bright Bev Cavendar November Meeting 2018

Bev brought in a starry Christmas Garland to our November Meeting and explained that we would be making stars which could be made into a garland, tree or table decorations. [See Below]

 Bev explained that we would start by making the large star and we were provided with templates.
The large stars were cut out in our choice of colour and then an inner star was embroidered in place and decorated with embroidery, sequins, beads and small Christmas decorations.

By lunch time most members were well on their way to finishing their first star.

Once the front was decorated the two pieces were joined together leaving a small gap for stuffing and then closed.

By the end of the meeting members had made one star and most has made a second. The stars were then taken home to be turned into tree decorations or a garland. These will then be brought to the Christmas meeting for the competition.
Most members chose to use the traditional Christmas colours of red,  green and white decorating with lots of bling
Thanks Bev for a good fun day and making a pretty decoration to brighten our homes at Christmas.