Monday, 13 October 2014

A.G.M. Stitches October Meeting 2014

We held our AGM on Tuesday when we voted in a new committee and thanked some of the committee from the last couple of years who were standing down.
The Chairperson thanked all the members and the outgoing committee for all their hard work over the past year. Her report went through the wide range of activities undertaken since last October.

After the AGM we had the chance to do some stitching.
Four stiches were demonstrated as follows;

fly stitch by Mary, 

Cretan Stitch by Joanna,

 Running Stitch by Gillian


 Eyelet Stitch by Sandra

Members always enjoy exploring stitches and it reminds experienced stitchers of stitches that they might not have used in a long time.
Our thanks go to Gillian, Mary, Joanna and Sandra for leading the stitching.