Monday, 26 May 2014

Storey Exhibition May/June 2014

Yesterday Brenda and I went to the preview of the Storey  Exhibition and you will all be delighted that as you walk along the corridor to the room you will see our joint effort of Starry Night in front of you.
Some of our postcards from the Athletes of the World project are  displayed with other cards from  North West Branches.

Our basket of flowers made from ties is hung in the corner with other pieces from the tie challenge.
Sandra K. has an individual piece entitled Remembrance-tied to the past.
Remembrance-tied to the past
The exhibition is well worth a visit as it has a wide range of stitch, both traditional and contemporary.  The colourful, creative and finely stitched  pieces  have all been displayed in a pleasing way and  a few  of the pieces exhibited are shown below.

I hope you will find time to visit the Exhibition as it is well worth a look. Thanks must go to Monica and her helpers for organising it.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Kimono and Craft May Meeting 2014

This month  Katie Chaplin introduced us to the art of Kimono dressing. She explained about the fabric of each layer of the outfit and some of the ritual and story behind the item as she dressed her mannequin.
Katie dressing the mannequin in the under kimono over the cotton underwear slip
The kimono being held out so we could admire the hand painted and embroidered silk

Katie adjusting the fit of the kimono with a tie
A sash is fixed around the middle to be tied at the back

The sash is tied at the back in a special way over a little pillow
The fully dressed mannequin apart from the socks and shoes
Katie informed us that in Japan it takes about four hours for a woman to be dressed properly in a kimono! It looked beautiful but very few of us would want to spend that kind of time getting ready.

After lunch we started the craft part of the workshop where we each chose two fat quarters of Japanese fabric to make a small folded hand stitched Japanese bag. The fabrics we chose from were beautiful many printed with flowers and gold.

By the end of the afternoon most of us were finishing off the bag by threading the draw string and adding the beads.
We all felt pleased wth our hana bags as we took them home and a big thank you to Katie for telling us a bit more about Japanese culture.
A completed Japanese folded bag with drawstring