Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Waterlilies by Monet Joanna Henson May Meeting 2017

This month we started our Group Project based on the Painting Waterlilies by Monet. The workshop was led by Joanna Henson one of our own members. Joanna had cut a large picture of the painting into a 5 x 4 grid making 20 pieces of equal size.
Whole picture of Waterlilies by Monet

Close up of part of Waterlilies
Each member then chose one of the rectangles to recreate and embroider by any technique they chose.
When all 20 pieces are finished the painting will be put back together again to produce our embroidered version of Waterlilies.
Members worked on the background first and then applied stitch.

Backgrounds were made from wet felt, embellishing, painting, markal, sheers and a combination of some of these techniques. Stitch was then applied to enhance the surface and /or modify  the background colour.
All rectangles are at the "needing to be finished stage"and over the next few weeks members will complete their pieces and we are all waiting to see what the final piece looks like when reassembled.
A big thank you to Joanna for sorting out the picture in advance and then leading the workshop on the day.

One of the rectangles has been completed.
Can you tell which is the textile piece???????

Only 19 more pieces to go!