Thursday, 13 September 2012

More Illuminated Letters

Margaret has made another illuminated letter and used it on the front of a card.

Anne has just finished hers because she was away for the workshop.
They both look beautiful but very different. Thank you Margaret and Anne.

Friday, 7 September 2012

September Meeting Exploring Lutradur with Anne Burrow

This month we welcomed Anne Burrow who is an old friend of our Branch. Anne talked about the properties of Lutradur and some of the things we could do with it such as;
 changing the colour by painting dyeing etc
 cutting with scissors/soldering iron
 distressing with heatgun. 
 the surface could also be changed with foiling and xpandaprint. Sheets could also be passed through the printer and worked on.

Some of Anne's samples
The samples were passed around for us to look at and gain inspiration!

Most of us were new to Lutradur and so we began exploring its properties and making samples. As usual Anne brought lots of things for us to borrow or use.

Most of the samples above had used the soldering iron and heat gun.
The arches on this piece had been printed on Lutradur from the computer and cut out with a soldering iron.

Some of these pieces had been printed and angelina fibres added.
At the end of the meeting we had a range of samples using a variety of techniques and we could see more possibilities for using Lutradur in the future.
All thanks go to Anne for inspiring us and letting us play!