Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Felt Angels Maureen Clement November Meeting 2016

 Maureen, who is one of our own members, led this month's meeting by showing us how to make angels from wet felt ready for Christmas.
She showed us a whole array of very pretty angels in different colours, embroidered in different ways and completed using a variety of techniques. See below

Maureen demonstrated how to make the base of the angels in two ways; by making a piece of flat felt and then cutting out a circle or using a resist to make two circles. After three layers of fibres had been laid out, soap and water were added.This was then felted by rolling etc.

Flat felt being rolled 

Felt being made around a resist
We then were given a demonstration of how to make a felt ball for the head hopefully without any creases!

Because all the felt needed to dry we were given instruction on how to complete the angels and we took them home to dry and complete.
Once the felt circles were dry we were to cut them in half and make each half circle into a cone for the body. We were advised to embroider while flat and then sew the cone together. The head would be attached next and features added. Hair could be made from a variety of fibres. Lastly wings were to be designed and made using any technique we wanted. 
Maureen said that pieces could be attached by needle felting and if we had an embellisher we could use that to make the body. One of our members brought her embellisher to do just that.
 Maureen told us how she likes making felt particularly pieces that have been manipulated and she showed us some beautiful pieces she had made.

 At the end of the workshop we took our wet felt home to complete our angels and bring them back to the Christmas meeting where we can enter them in the competition.
So when you look at next month's post you should see a choir of felted angels, all complete and embellished in a variety of ways!
Thank you to Maureen for leading the workshop and giving us such clear instructions.