Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Mini workshops May Meeting 2015

This month we tried a different format for our workshop. We have a range of experience across our membership and quite a few members said they were not sure what to do with certain products or needed to develop certain skills.
Four of our members volunteered to lead a taster session of approximately three quarters of an hour. This would mean 3/4 members in each group and then they would move round until all 4 workshops had been tried.
The workshops were xpandaprint with Brenda Pearson, angelina with Sue Tyldesley, cutting sheers with Dorothy Pearce and bondaweb with Sandra Kendall
Brenda brought in some beautiful samples of how Xpandaprint could be used and members were able to use heat guns to have the xpandaprint bubble before their eyes.
Sue brought bags of beautifully coloured, sparkly angelina and lots of ideas of how to use it. Members were able to play with the angelina and add all sorts of bits and pieces.

Dorothy  brought some lovely samples of delicate work she had done with sheers. Members were able to cut a pattern on sheers with a soldering iron and then use the piece to make a card.

Sandra brought some samples to show how bondaweb can be used in applique and ideas for when it has been painted. Members were able to paint a piece and then build up some sparkly pictures with painted bondaweb which they could tear and attach with an iron.

Members enjoyed the day making samples using the four techniques. It is a format we will use again and thanks go to Sue, Brenda, Dorothy and Sandra for their hard work and preparation.