Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Procion Dyeing of Threads and Fabric January Meeting 2015

Our January meeting was led by Anne Covell one of our own members. Anne had done an enormous amount of preparation for the workshop by arriving with 6 dye colours already mixed and a large bucket of  soda solution in which to immerse our cloth prior to applying the dye.
Anne told us simply how the dye worked and reminded us of a few safety precautions and then we were ready to start  dyeing threads.
We dampened the threads and then applyed the dye carefully. After about 10/15mins we then applied a small amount of soda solution along the length of the threads and you can see the beautiful colours below.

We then retrieved our fabric which we had left soaking in the soda solution squeezing out any excess moisture. We then squashed our fabric into small containers and applied the dye sparingly as you can see below.

After a thank you to Anne for her advance preparation and support we all went home armed with pots of brightly coloured fabrics and threads. 
They all needed to be rinsed carefully and washed but mine are still in the pots as I am waiting for a dry day to hang them on the line without getting dye everywhere! 

A dry couple of hours so the dyeing has been rinsed and washed and blowing well in the wind!!! Definately the brightest washing in the village!!!!

 All dry and ironed and waiting to be used in the next embroidery projects

One of the best parts of dyeing is ironing the material and watching the patterns emerge!

Thank you Anne for a fun and enjoyable day.