Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Calico Gardens March Meeting 2014

This month Gillian Darrington inspired us with her beautiful calico gardens. [see pictures below]

It was suggested that we started with a focal point for our picture. This could be a window, door, tree, style or gate.

 Gillian suggested we sewed our focal point  first and then start to build up the picture around the focal point with embroidery stitches or padded work representing flowers , shrubs, stones, rocks or masonry. The threads used would be neutral to light brown and all shades in between.
We were shown how to make stones or bricks with cardboard, pelmet vilene or stuffing material or pieces of tights.

We all made a good start on our calico garden taking them home to finish.
One of our members tried something slightly different and used a piece of printed material not calico and produced a very pleasing result. [see below]
It was a very enjoyable day and our thanks go to Gillian for leading the workshop.