Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Making the most of your Threads! Agnes Halliwell March Meeting 2017

This month our meeting was led by one of our own members Agnes Halliwell.
 Agnes is a very experienced stitcher and has a wealth of experience to pass on to us about using threads in unusual ways.
She wanted us to gain experience of the effects that can be produced when using threads in a variety of different ways and then be able to apply them in our own work producing the effect we wanted.
She brought a range of samples, instructions books and finished embroideries using a range of methods to inspire us.[see below]

Agnes began by demonstrated coiling or making a shape with a thread, applying PVA glue, letting it dry so it retained the shape, after which  it could be applied to a surface or used as a dangling trim to complete an embroidery. [See thread shapes drying below]

 Next we were provided with a piece of canvas and by wrapping threads in a sheer and passing them through the holes a variety of colourful organic shapes were made. [see below]

We were then shown how to manipulate threads by twisting splitting and ruching the plies. [See below]

Members thoroughly enjoyed the day and went home with samples and the knowledge to experiment and use a wider variety of threads and methods in their work.
A big thank you goes to Agnes for carefully planning the day and inspiring us to experiment more with our use of threads.
The day was enjoyed so much and Agnes did not get through all she had planned that members have requested a Part 2 next year.
Thank you Agnes and we look forward to Part 2.