Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Dandy Birds Bev Cavender November 2017

This month our workshop was led by Bev Cavender on Dandy Birds which were developed by Maggie Hickman Smith. Bev had made lots of the birds in a variety of fabrics and finishes.[See Below] The birds looked cheeky and full of character and we were ready to have a go at making our own!

From the pattern given to us by Bev,  we cut out the pieces in our fabrics.
We  cut four pieces for the feet and sewed two together with some stiffening between the material. Then we made a second foot.

 For the legs we wrapped ribbon/material around two twisted pipe cleaners.
 We made a special fold for the beak and then placed it in the body seam as we sewed the body. This caused a lot of hilarity as some of us muddled our back, front and top and bottom with some peculiarly placed beaks!!!!

 We then stuffed the body pushed the legs inside and  sewed the hole.The bird was finished with a big stitch through the body to give it shape and the eyes and feet  finished it off.

 We had great fun making our birds and they are definitely the dandiest birds ever seen!

A big thank you to Bev for showing us how to make Dandy Birds, letting us have fun and sending us home with a finished item!!!!!!!


Please remember the Christmas competition is a Dandy Bird!!!!!