Monday, 26 November 2012

Knitting and Stitching Show Harrogate 2012

On Friday 23rd November our members gathered at Grange Station to wait for the coach to take us to Harrogate. The coach arrived on time and we had a couple more pick ups on route before arriving in Harrogate about 10:15.
Some of us had lists of items we hoped to buy others were just waiting for something to catch their eye before buying but we were all hoping to be inspired by the displays.
By 11o'clock it was very busy and exceedingly hot but we managed to find lots to buy, inspire and enjoy.
One of the highlights of the show was to see the athletes of the world postcards on display. They looked absolutely stunning displayed en masse.
San Marino is in the centre

Our second strip is in the 

centre topped with the map

Just a few of the many postcards
It was a very enjoyable day but we were all very tired on the way home.

Friday, 9 November 2012

November Meeting 2012 Everlasting Landscapes Anne Covell

Our meeting this month was taken by one of our own members Anne Covell who had entered the competition run by Stitch magazine to produce an Everlasting Landscape. Anne's entry was considered good enough to feature in Stitch and can be seen in the pictures of the entries below.

Anne's embroidery is top row, middle
Ann explained how first we needed to produce a design  and she showed us how the measurements needed to be precise for the area in which we were going to work particularly the end points so that they would fit together to make a continuous embroidery.

The colours for the background were chosen so that they would be similar when joined together

We drew and coloured our designs so that we had some idea which colours we would be using and where.

We transferred our design to a back ground fabric and proceeded to applique from the back. A couple of members decided to stitch in needlepoint.

Most of us finished our designs and started the applique and stitching which we are going to finish at home. We will then mount the embroideries and bring them back to the December Meeting where they will be our Christmas competition.
Hopefully they will all fit together to make an Everlasting Landscape and all be a good as Anne's!
Thank You Anne for a very interesting day and introducing us to something we had never tried before.