Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Machine Embroidery Mary Seaman June Meeting 2015

Our meeting this month was taken by Mary Seaman, one of our own members, on machine embroidery. Our members have a wide range of skills as far as machine embroidery is concerned and Mary had planned exercises and ideas to cover all level of expertise.
Mary had brought some of her beautifully stitched pieces with her and you can see them in the pictures below.

Mary explained the basics of machine embroidery and then suggested ideas for us to work on and skills to practice. As we worked at our machines she circulated giving advice and encouragement.

Every now and again Mary would demonstrate a new skill for us to practice and you can see circles and sewing over a gap below.
We all went home with a lot more confidence in using our machine,  more ideas to try at home and a couple of the beginners found they now had total control stitching with the feed dogs down!
Thank you Mary for a fun and enjoyable day and giving us lots of ideas to increase our abilities in free machining.