Saturday, 15 July 2017

Stitching on Felt Sue Tyldesley July 2017

This month our workshop was led by Sue Tyldesley one of our own members on absorbing stitch into felt during the felting process and adding more stitch and embellishment when the felt is dry.
Sue brought some lovely examples with her which you can see below.

Sue demonstrated how to make felt from scratch and how to apply a piece of embroidery which had been worked on dissolvable and/or sheer and could be felted into the piece.
Members began by laying out their fibres for the background
Some members added a piece of embroidery others laid out a picture as the last layer and then the fibres were wet felted together by friction.

Some of the felt was stitched into while wet.
As the felting process was completed members started to add more stitching and other forms of embellishment to their pieces.
We will then be able to add some completed felt pictures to the site.

Felting is always popular partly because of the tactile experience and partly because of the wonderful array of colours.
Thank you Sue for introducing us to a different way of adding stitch to felt and for converting a few more people to the joys of hand made felt.
Members went home very keen to finish their piece all thanks to Sue for her clear instructions.