Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A.G.M. and Stitching October Meeting 2015

On Tuesday we held our A.G.M. which was well attended and Sandra welcomed the members to the meeting. The minutes of the last A.G.M. were read and adopted. Sandra reported that we had enjoyed a full and  busy year with a workshop every month except in December.At the beginning of September we  held a well attended exhibition in the Methodist Hall, Grange.
Sandra thanked everyone for their support and hard work over the past year especially the committee.She also thanked the members who shared their time, expertise and skills with the group.
The treasurer reported that the finances were tight but with careful management we managed to break even.
A new committee was formed  with one outgoing member and two new members. The outgoing member was thanked for her hard work on the committee over the years.

After the A.G.M. and the normal monthly meeting time was set aside for either Machine stitching with Mary Seaman or hand stitching with Dorothy Pearce and Sandra Kendall.

Mary had very kindly volunteered to run another machine stitching workshop for those who were unable to attend the last one or still needed some help. You can see the group receiving instruction and practising their skills in the picture below.

Other members were hand stitching  practising the basic stitch and then varying size, thread, orientation and then working the stitch irregularly to see what effects were achievable

Dorothy led the group on feather stitch and you can see their efforts in the pictures below.

Sandra led the group working herringbone and various ways of working the stitch can be seen below.

Members always enjoy practising their stitching and find it relaxing.
Thank you to Mary, Dorothy and Sandra for leading the groups.